Meet ChiWi, little movie browser with a social twist
Rather than showing you average ratings and reviews from who knows who, the ChiWi shows you movies from the source you trust the most.

ChiWi is very personal

It revolves around your and your close friends’ personal taste for movies. Average ratings means nothing to you. Your friends’ ratings mean a lot. Because you know your friends and their taste.

Beautiful Visual Experience

Movies are beautiful visual experiences, where a single image is worth 1000 words. That is how we designed the Chiwi, as a simple visual browser, with a bare minimum of words and interface elements.



You want to see a movie, since all of your friends rated it 4 or 5 stars and you find that to be the most valuable recommendation. Or you Want it because few more friends want to see it too!

How about tonight?



Follow, search, discover

Find movies you will love from the multiple feeds. Primarily following what your friends have checked and want to see. In addition, follow the New Movies or ChiWi Picks or discover movies from the same  director or actor. Powerful Search feature allows you to search for any movie title that comes to mind.

The ChiWi app is coming soon!

Get your invitation once we go live!