ChiWi is an upcoming social service that enable users to follow their Facebook friends’ checked and wanted movies feed, in addition to feeds of the New Movies and ChiWi staff picks. This service will first be available as an iOS app for iPhones.

Although this kind of service is somewhat available in other products, it has never been exploited as movie specific social experience at its core.

Put it this way, there are movie apps out there that enable some social interaction, but no simple social apps that revolve around movies.

Movies are something that everybody loves, that everybody consider an important part of common experiences that make actual friendships. Movie conversations among friends are always passionate, since people recall the emotions felt when they watched a movie and feel the connection with their favorite actors or filmmakers. Visual beauty of movies is the fastest way for us to “suspend our disbelief” and to immerse ourself in the story and the environments. Just think about Lord of the Rings for a second. If you are one of the billions that have seen the trilogy, you know how fast you were immersed into the story, characters and the environment and how often did you wanted to recall that experience in the conversations with your friends.

ChiWi is designed around all of the notions above. It enables and encourages friends to explore and discuss checked movies and to discover new unseen movies, whether they are new ones or old classics.